Manor Lake Is Here For You - COVID 19 FREE Community

Manor Lake Is Here For You

Manor Lake Assisted Living & Memory Care is again Accepting New Residents. For many of our seniors Assisted Living or Memory Care at Manor Lake is currently the best option. Considering the enhanced safety measures that Manor Lake is taking, moving into a senior community may make more sense than living isolated alone at home and not getting adequate care.

Enhanced Safety Measures

  • Restriction of non-essential visitors from entry in order to keep our residents safe.
  • Screening daily staff and third party professionals.
  • Staff are being instructed to stay home if they have symptoms of any type of illness.
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures above and beyond our normal cleaning procedures.
  • Manor Lake is doing daily screening of residents for any symptoms of coronavirus.
Manor Lake Is Here For You - COVID 19 FREE Community

For more information or to take our virtual tour call (678) 981-6158

Our Main Priority is Your Health & Safety

Maintaining the health, wellness, and safety of our residents is our number one priority. Due to the COVID-19 situation, effective immediately we are restricting visitors to our community. This is in cooperation with federal mandates regarding this situation. Letters regarding specific details are being sent to the responsible parties for our residents to provide them with more detailed information. In addition to restricting visits, our staff will be screened prior to the starting of their shifts and have been trained on the symptoms of COVID-19 as well as infection prevention techniques. This is a fluid situation and we will keep you informed as the situation changes. We appreciate your cooperation and patience. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Engaging the Creative Spirit


Music is a near-universal language. Our Art of Reflections program includes both individualized and group approaches to the enjoyment and benefits of music. We create customized playlists for residents for the times they prefer to enjoy music on their own, and we employ the power and energy of hand-drums and bells and singing for our lively group sessions. The Harmony program is offered to help promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, enhance memory and provide unique opportunities for communication and interaction. And it’s fun, too!!

Art of Reflections:

This program puts a paintbrush in the hands of residents who have Alzheimer’s or other memory impairment. The results are amazing. Residents who have struggled with even the most modest tasks of everyday living have astounded all of us with their creative spirits and wonderful creations.

Through the creativity that is unlocked and presented through colors and patterns, the residents are speaking to us with incredible beauty and grace – proving that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Reflections Stories Example:

A Day at the Park

It is a lovely day at the park. There was so much to do. My sisters and I had fun swinging on the swings and seeing how high each of us could go. But our favorite part was going down the slide together. We took turns going forwards and backwards, then we all decided to go down together in line with our arms out. It took us a few tries, but we finally did it perfectly.

Reflections Stories:

Telling stories is an age old tradition. At Manor Lake, we engage residents who have Alzheimer’s or other forms of memory loss in getting together and creating entertaining stories, often drawing on personal experiences and memories. Residents gather in small groups and take turns describing a picture – telling a facilitator what they see and what they imagine is happening in the picture. This combines reminiscing with creativity to develop a unique story that is written down and shared with the entire community. Words and pictures are combined to present the completed tale.

Manor Lake Memory Care

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