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One Big Happy Family

at Manor Lake BridgeMill

Bill Creekmore had his mom, Marie, in mind when he started building Manor Lake BridgeMill in Canton. He wanted a safe and caring home in which she could thrive, one that met her needs and helped others who could benefit from assisted living and memory care.

Although Marie passed away before Manor Lake BridgeMill opened in October 2018, Bill visits the residents weekly, keeping a sharp focus on maintaining an environment that cares for the body, mind and spirit. Manor Lake’s motto is, “A special place, for your special person.”

The family-oriented community also is part of a larger Manor Lake family. The BridgeMill location was first, followed by communities in Hiram, Gainesville, Ellijay, Athens and Dawsonville Hoschton currently under construction.

Manor Lake BridgeMill focuses on the health and well-being of the residents so they can get the most out of life.

Our days are filled with cognitive exercise and stimulation as well as personalized routines for each of our residents. We make life uncomplicated with excellent dining options, daily housekeeping and scheduled transportation. Every resident, every family, every staff member, is different. Which means, the approach is different. We build a connection with every single person. We are the Manor Lake BridgeMill family.

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Manor Lake has 85 rooms: 65 assisted living and 20 in memory care. Five staff members work in memory care: a memory care coordinator, medication technician and three certified nursing assistants (CNA). On each of the two assisted-living hallways are two CNAs, a med tech, and a lead med tech who oversees both techs.

The executive director is Marisa Hinton. Activities Director Morgan Kitchens’ grandmother lives in the community.

Entering through the one-level community’s front door, visitors pass the Magnolia Room, where arts, crafts and Bingo are enjoyed, and the Creekmore Bistro, a popular spot where residents can enjoy coffee, tea, snacks and fresh fruit with family who come to visit. The dining room, which offers seasonal menus and restaurant-style service, is on the other side of a large fireplace. At the end of each assisted living hallway is a living room, one with bookshelves filled with books, and the other with musical instruments.

Above and Beyond

During the shelter-in-place mandate, staff members took extra steps to care for the residents. “It was incredible to see the staff work so hard and still be so passionate about their work and the residents. Walking down the halls singing sweet melodies as staff helped provide room service was amazing. “Music is life in our community. So, if we can’t have entertainers in the building for music therapy, Caregiver’s take over to make sure that the residents are happy.”

Care extends to family members of the residents as well, even before they move in. Robinson remembers a young man who was very determined to overcome the challenges and care for his mom on his own, in his home.

“He called in and inquired about our community. I could hear the exhaustion in his voice, as I let him talk. After telling me all the things about his sweet mom, I asked, ‘How are you?’ He paused, as to say, no one has asked about him,” Robinson said.

“He then went on to tell me that he had quit his job to care for his mom and mom’s sleep schedule was off. She would rise every morning at 3 a.m. to get ready for the day. He was tired. He loved his mom and wanted the best for her. I told him how we can care for her and provide an environment for her to thrive... But, in this process, it will also help him. I wanted to provide him with peace.”

His mom moved in, and he called the next day to say how grateful he was, and that he had the best sleep in a very long time. “He was grateful for my patience and compassion... not just for his mom, but for him, as well.”

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