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Preparing Senior Assisted Living Residents For Autumn

19 August 2019

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Manor Lake BridgeMill - Preparing Senior Assisted Living Residents For Autumn in Canton, GA

Although the climate is still extremely hot here in Canton, fall is really not that far away. Preparing for seasonal climate change is crucial to our senior residents. Here at our Canton Georgia senior assisted living community we take proactive measures to guarantee our resident’s comfort and safety. Since senior citizens are more prone to slip and during the fall season, we share with you here what we do (and all others who care for a senior should strongly consider) to protect our residents:

1. Clear Away Fall Leaves

We make sure to clean up the yard on daily basis. Fall leaves filling the ground could heighten the risk for trip or slip hazards especially when they get wet. We also make sure that leaves don't clogged up the gutters to protect their units.

2. Be Extra Cautious on those Fall Rainy Days

Wet surfaces and puddles can be hazardous especially for older people for they already have impaired balance. Others may have a poor vision that makes the situation worse. We make sure to provide extra assistance when going outdoors or more preferably, just re-schedule outings when the weather is unfavorable.

3. Flu Season Preparation

Elderly people are more susceptible of getting flu and having it can trigger even more severe complications. To combat influenza, we provide flu shots, hand sanitizers and encourage them to frequently perform hand washing to prevent spread of disease. As much as possible, we isolate them from those who are infected with flu.

4. HVAC Inspection and Cleaning

Cold temperature is crucial for senior adults to deal with. Thus, we make sure that our heating units are serviced and filters are replaced so that heating services are in perfect condition and not subject to breakdown.

For more senior care tips, contact Manor Lake BridgeMill.